5th International SIIV Congress 2012 

Roma | 29-31 ottobre 2012


I proceeding nel convegno sono stati pubblicati in una Special Issue della rivista Elsevier, Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences in Open access.

Edited by Antonio D’Andrea, Laura Moretti
Volume 53, Pages 1-1234


Link all’indice del Proceeding: Indice SIIV 2012 – Roma


Segue una selezione di articoli dal 5th International SIIV Congress SIIV 2012 – Sustainability of Road Infrastructures

Certainty Regarding Performance in Road Maintenance Works Entailing the Use of Marginal Materials
E. Cesolini – S. Drusin – P.Bernardinetti
The Next Step in Context Sensitive Solutions: Practical Solutions
N. Stamatiadis – A.Kirk
A Qualitative Risk Severity Assessment for Aircraft Accident in Civil Airport
N. Distefano – S.Leonardi
The Goals of Road System Management
F. Annunziata – F. Maltinti
The Adjustment Of Road Assets With Respect On The Environment
F. Pilia – F. Annunziata
Cultural Routes: The Via Francigena Case Study
Mechanical Behaviour of Asphalt Mixtures to Be Used in Railway Infrastructures
A.C. Freire – M.G. Lopes – S. Mendes
Sustainability of Pedestrian Paths
C. Piras – F. Pinna
Effects of Photocatalytic Pavements on Air Quality: Real Scale Applications
C. Brovelli – S. Malvicini – L. Venturini
Ideas for the Recovery of an Urban Street
A. Annunziata
Assessmente of Water and Temperature Susceptibilities of Cold Recycled Bituminous Emulsion Mixtures Using the Nat in the ITSM Mode of Texting
O.L. Oke – T. Parry – N.H. Thom
Impulsive and Vibrational Compaction of Bituminous Mixtures
M. Agostinacchio – D.Ciampa – M. Diomedi – S. Olita
Rut Resistance of Asphalt Concretes of Different Aggregate Gradiation
V. Zhdanyuk – Y. Prusenko – K.Tsyrkunova – O. Volovyk
Assessment of a Full-Scale Test Track Using Stabilized Bottom Ashes on Sub-Base and Base Layers for Road Pavements
E. Toraldo – E. Mariani – G. Martinez
Assessment of Impact of Road Safety Audit Recommendations for Improving Vulnerable Road Users Safety in India and Brazil
A. Tripodi – L. Persia
Setting Variable Speed Limits Using Dominance-Based Rough Set Approach
M.G. Augeri – P.Cozzo – S.Greco
Recycling Practices fo Achieving Environmental Sustainability in Airport Pavements
F. Giustozzi – M. Crispino – G. Flintsch
Preventive Maintenance on Road Pavements: Performance and Environmental Assessment of Strategies
F. Giustozzi – M. Crispino – G. Flintsch
Life Cycle Assessment of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements to Improve Asphalt Pavement Sustainability
C.D. DeDene – M. Marasteanu
Recycled Aggregates Used in Road Layer as an Environmental Solution
P. Pierre – C. Moniz . F. Doucet – R. Pleau – S. Juneau
Mechanical Properties of Basalt Aggregates Under the Repeated Loads
Y. Altan
European Common Standardized Certification Methodology for Road Safety Experts
A. Adesiyun – X. Cocu – K. Lemke – M.C. Marolda – C. Polidori – P. Saleh
The Assessment Program of ACI for Safer Pedestrian Crossing
F. Mazzone – E. Pagliari
Formulating a Rutting-Restistan Hot-Mix Asphalt Material Using In-Situ and Laboratory Tests
J. Neji – A. Loulizi
Laboratory Investigation of Stiffness of Hot Mix Asphalt Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Materials
A. Kavussi
A Review of Rehabilitation and Maintenance Performance-Based Contracting in Urban Areas
I. Chepilevskaya – C. Espindola – C. Queiroz
Asphalt Recycling as a Multipurpose Opportunity for Ecological and ‘Money Saving’ Pavement Maintenance
I. Widyatmoko – G. Cossale
Innovative Methodologies to Account and Optimise Road Sustainability in Pavement Design
G.Cossale – B. Hakim
The Role of Railways in Territorial Development in Respect of the Environment
A. Martino – E. Caci
The Use of Granite By-Products Deriving from Tunneling Excavations for Road Construction Purposes
J. Rombi – M. Coni – S. Portas – S.Pistis