Runway surface friction characteristics assessment for Lamezia Terme airfield pavement management system.

The main objective of this paper was to explore the relationship between runway friction and traffic data useful for the APMS of Lamezia Terme Airport (IATA: SUF, ICAO: LICA), located near Lamezia Terme in the Calabria region in southern Italy. Its IATA airport code SUF originates from Sant'Eufemia, the part of Lamezia Terme which the airport is closest to. The infrastructure is the most important Calabrian airport and is under continuous development. In the last few years, the number of passengers using the airport has risen enormously (more than 1.9 ml passengers in 2010), as have traffic and handling activities. The performance models proposed here are useful in predicting the decay of a runway's pavement surface characteristics. The results were obtained from a large number of experimental evaluations over the last nine years. The main model obtained in the study makes it possible to predict the decay curve as a function of aircraft structure, load and passages.
De Luca M,, Dell’Acqua G.
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