Road safety from the perpesctive of driver gender and age as related to the injury crash frequency and road scenario

The objective of the research is to develop safety performance functions (SPFs) on two-lane rural roads to predict the number of injury crashes per year per 108 vehicles/km on the road segment using a study on the influence of the human factors (gender/age/number-of-drivers) and road scenario (combination of infrastructure and environmental conditions found at the site at the time of the crash) on the effects of a crash by varying the dynamic. Countermeasures are suggested to reduce the injury crash rate and they can include different awareness campaigns and structural measures on the segments of road.
Russo F., Biancardo S.A., Dell'Acqua G.
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Societa' Italiana Infrastrutture Viarie - S.I.I.V. - Cod.Fis. 93024730421