The interaction between Land Use and Transport Planning: a methodological issue

This paper discusses an issue long debated by experts and that is at the core of the evaluation of the impact of many policies and projects in planning: the interaction between Land Use and Transport Planning. Today, despite the relevant quantity of papers produced, many different opinions remain about the dominant nature of these interactions (cf. Priemus, Nijkamp and Banister, 2001; Cao, Mokhtarian and Handy, 2007), thus suggesting the hypothesis that at the basis of this variety of opinions there might be an inconsistency in the methods used to analyse this topic. This paper attempts to verify this hypothesis, starting from deductive evidence that has emerged in recent years, taking into account some fundamental concepts that today seem to be evolving and considering the different possible methods to deal with this topic. An innovative method is proposed using a deductive approach and its consequences are discussed. This method could be useful to better understand the origin of modern land use policies such as Smart Growth, New Urbanism and Access Management and to optimize their future development. The matter is indeed rather complex and interdisciplinary. It involves many subjects and it needs the point of view of many cultural approaches. For this reason, the authors cannot claim to have fully answered the question. However, our aim is to offer a useful contribution to the debate on this topic in the scientific and planning community. Some of the intuitions contained in this paper are the results of the continuous process of analysis of previous studies carried out by the authors, the investigation of empirical data, and the efforts to map this difficult and still somewhat unexplored scientific context. Some of these ideas are largely explorative and not yet scientifically or empirically proved, but they are reasonable within a not yet confuted hypothesis. The hope is to inspire further theoretical developments, new data and multidisciplinary contributions in this field, and to contribute to define the whole subject in a more comprehensive way.
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