Full-depth reclamation for the rehabilitation of local roads: a case study

Full-depth reclamation (FDR) techniques for pavement construction and rehabilitation have gained general recognition because of their technical, economical and environmental advantages. The use of cement–bitumen-treated material (CBTM) has rapidly increased over the last 10 years mainly in motorways. Public administrations have recognised the advantages of FDR, and this technique has also begun to be applied for the rehabilitation of local and/or rural roads. This paper shows the results from a trial section built to verify the suitability of FDR for the rehabilitation of local roads. The design planned the in situ stabilisation with styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS)-modified bituminous emulsion and cement of hot mix asphalt and foundation course. The mechanical characteristics of CBTM were evaluated by means of stiffness modulus tests at different temperatures and fatigue tests. The obtained results offer good prospects for the application of FDR in the maintenance project of local roads.
Bocci M., Grilli A., Cardone F., Ferrotti G.
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