Articoli di rivista e Convegni

Titolo Autori Anno
Indirect skid resistance measurement for pourus asphalt pavement management Dell’Acqua G., De Luca M.,Lamberti R. 2011
Descriptors in scenic highway analysis: a test study along Italian road corridors Dell’Acqua G., Mauro R., Russo F. 2011
Road performance evaluation using geometric consistency and pavement distress data Dell’Acqua G., Russo F. 2011
Safety Performance Functions for Low-Volume Roads Dell’Acqua G., Russo F. 2011
Models of operating speeds for low-volume roads Discetti P., Dell’Acqua G., Lamberti R. 2011
Speed prediction models for sustainable road safety management Esposito T., Mauro R., Russo F., Dell’Acqua G. 2011
A strategic laboratory approach for the performance investigation of geogrids in flexible pavements Ferrotti G., Canestrari F., Virgili A., Grilli A. 2011
Low-temperature tensile behaviour of asphalt binders: Application of loading time–temperature–conditioning time superposition principle G. Cerni, F. Cardone, S. Colagrande 2011
Comparative Analysis of Gyratory and Proctor Compaction Processes of Unbound Granular Materials G. Cerni, S. Camilli 2011
Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Airport Inventories: An Overview Giuffrè, O., Granà, A. 2011
Handling Underdispersion in Calibrating Safety Performance Function at Urban, Four-Leg, Signalized Intersections Giuffrè, O., Granà, A., Marino R., Corriere, F. 2011
Performance evaluation of gap graded Asphalt Rubber mixtures Pasquini E., Canestrari F., Cardone F., Santagata F.A. 2011
Recycling Techniques and Environmental Issues relating to the Widening of an High Traffic Volume Italian Motorway Bocci M., Canestrari F., Grilli A., Pasquini E., Lioi D. 2010
Adhesive and cohesive properties of asphalt-aggregate systems subjiected to moisture damage Canestrari F., Cardone F., Graziani A., Santagata F.A., Bahia H.U. 2010
Road Safety Management Using Crash Prediction Models Dell'Acqua G., Russo F., Lamberti R. 2010
Speed factors on low-volume roads for horizontal curves and tangents Dell’Acqua G., Russo F. 2010
Analysis of Water and Thermal Sensitivity of Open Graded Asphalt Rubber Mixtures Partl M.N., Canestrari F., Pasquini E., Virgili A. 2010
Acoustic characterization of Asphalt Rubber mixtures in Italy Pasquini E., Canestrari F., Ferrotti G., Santagata F.A., Serpilli F. 2010
Mechanical characterization and influence of water on WMA by adding synthetic zeolite Bocci M., Grilli A., Pannunzio V., Riviera P. 2009
Interlayer bonding design of porous asphalt course interface Canestrari F., Ferrotti G., Graziani A., Baglieri O. 2009
Laboratory performance-based evaluation of cold bituminous mixtures for patching applications Canestrari F., Ferrotti G., Grilli A., Barbati S. 2009
Experimental study on cold micro-surfacing with crumb rubber Canestrari F., Pasquini E., Ferrotti G., Riviera P. 2009
Asphalt Rubber: policy disclosure in Italy Canestrari F., Pasquini E., Santagata F.A., Antunes I. 2009
An Evaluation of Use of Synthetic Waxes in Warm Mix Asphalt Cardone F., Pannunzio V., Virgili A., Barbati S., 2009
Mobility and transport for our tomorrow roads COLONNA P 2009
Evaluation of Runway Bearing Capacity: In-Situ Measurements and Laboratory Tests” Graziani A., Cardone F., Santagata E., Barbati S. 2009
RILEM Interlaboratory Test on Interlayer Bonding of Asphalt Pavements Piber H., Canestrari F., Ferrotti G., Lu X., Millien A., Partl M.N., Petit C., Phelipot- Mardelé A., Raab C. 2009
Rehabilitation of an Italian Highway by Cold In-Place Recycling Techniques Santagata F.A., Bocci M., Grilli A., Cardone F. 2009
Modified PATTI test for the characterization of adhesion and cohesion properties of asphalt binders Santagata F.A., Cardone F., Canestrari F., Bahia H.U. 2009


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